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1. Can I have a Sheriff's Deputy escort my celebratory Parade?
2. How do I register my cell phone to receive community notifcations?
3. I witnessed some suspicious activity or a crime (not in progress), how can I anonymously report this?
4. I witnessed someone driving while using a cell phone. How do I report this?
5. How do I request the Radar Trailer be assigned to a street or area?
6. I witnessed some gang related activity or an occurrence of graffiti, how can I anonymously report this?
7. How do I obtain a pistol permit?
8. How do I request a "Property Check" of my house/property?
9. How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
10. How do I obtain a Sheriff's ID?
11. I need my fingerprints taken for an application, can I have this done at the Sheriff's Office?
12. Where can I find the text of the NY SAFE Act/Gun Reform Act of 2013