Why Ontario County Development?


We enjoy a strong and vibrant culture of collaboration that helps companies of all types and sizes thrive. We leverage our relationships in both the public and private sectors to provide a business-friendly environment to help your company succeed.

Leadership Environment

Ontario County’s leadership takes pride in being strategic, disciplined and thoughtful, and economic development is always a high priority within the county. Decision making is a cooperative effort that is both future focused and cost conscious. The strategic plan that guides our economic development effort reflects this consensus. A hallmark of this collaborative environment is the number of effective public/private projects spanning the newly renovated CMAC Performing Arts Center on the grounds of Finger Lakes Community College and the installation of a countywide fiber optic network that is bringing high-speed communication technology to all areas of the county.

Awards & Recognition

Publications as diverse as The Progressive Farmer and Public CIO have recognized Ontario County for its wonderful quality of life, physical beauty and technology policies.