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Welcome to the Ontario County Development website, a cooperative effort of the Ontario County Office of Economic Development (OCOED), the Ontario County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA) and the Ontario County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC).

We share a vision for Ontario County—a vision that is innovative and future-focused, one that offers the community and prospective newcomers the most robust high-tech infrastructure in New York State’s Finger Lakes region.

With a picturesque, welcoming environment, Ontario County offers a diversity of lifestyle choices that range from small city and suburban to village and rural, and we are dedicated to its safe, prosperous and long-range development.

*Please click here to go to our COVID-19 Resources page.

Please note:  Over the next few weeks, there may be low flying aircraft in your area of Ontario County for Gypsy Moth spraying using organic non-toxic Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) spray material.  Bt occurs naturally in soil and on plants. It is harmless to people, animals, and plants. 

Please refrain from calling 911, if you do see a low flying agricultural spraying aircraft in your area during the spraying operation. 

The operation includes three fixed wing aircraft (1 - yellow on top & dark blue, 1 - white w/ blue & yellow stripes, 1 - all yellow w/ blue stripes)  and one helicopter (White Frame w/ Clear Bubble Cockpit).

To learn more about gypsy moth caterpillars and the treatment options, https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/83118.html#Control.

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