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Food Insecurity Increase to 61%

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Food insecurity

MAPP Process

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Priority Areas for the 2022-2024 Community Health Improvement Plan Have Been Selected!

You Spoke! We Listened!

With all the health issues in our community, have you ever wondered how Public Health prioritizes resources? Besides the 10 Essential Services, Public Health completes a Community Health Assessment (CHA) and a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). 

The Choose Health Ontario (CHOO) collaborative includes Ontario County Public Health, local hospitals, community members, and community agencies. A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) uses Community Health Assessment (CHA) data to identify priority issues, develop and implement strategies for action, and establish accountability to ensure measurable health improvement. The CHOO collaborative has been tasked to identify two healthy priorities and a disparity. The health problems identified include healthy eating and food insecurity and promoting the wellbeing and prevention of mental and substance abuse disorders.

‘Thank you’ for answering our Community Health Assessment survey questionnaires and participating in our focus groups. The community’s participation helps to ensure that the we are striving to improve the health problems that matter most to our community.

The health disparity we chose is low income populations. Interested and want to help? Call Public Health today!

(Updated 2/2/23)

Who We Are

The Ontario County Health Collaborative (OCHC) was formed in 2008 and is composed of representatives from healthcare facilities and community organizations throughout the Finger Lakes. Members meet once a month to explore ways to work together to meet the healthcare needs of our community. Participating agencies include:

Vision and Mission


  • Healthy Communities in Ontario County- 


  • Increase the quality and longevity of life for Ontario County residents, by:
    1. Assessing the health and wellbeing of the community
    2. Creating, implementing, and supporting initiatives intended to promote health and prevent injuries, illnesses, and chronic diseases in an equal and inclusive way
    3. Improving healthcare access and utilization 


Members of the collaborative worked together to complete a Community Health Assessment (CHA) and create a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). Utilizing the Hanlon and PEARL methods the collaborative identified hypertension, obesity substance abuse and mental health as priorities for the Community Health Improvement Plan. Low socioeconomic status was identified as a health disparity. 

What We Are Doing

The Ontario County Health Collaborative is supporting local health programming such as Get Up Full UP! (UR Thompson Health), Food, Fun, & Fitness (Finger Lakes Health), The Finger Lakes Breastfeeding Partnership, Chronic Disease Self Management, National Diabetes Prevention Program, Youth Mental Health, Mental Health presentations, Narcan distribution, Food Pantry Initiatives and Suicide Prevention Coalition.

New Members Welcome

If you live, work, or provide services in Ontario County, consider joining the Ontario County Health Collaborative. At monthly meetings, partners learn about health-related programming throughout the county and work together to address shared concerns and reach common goals. For more information, call  Kate Ott at 585-396-4343.