Community Health Improvement Plan


Community Health Assessment/Community Health Improvement Plan 2016-2018

In 2016, Ontario County Public Health (OCPH) collaborated with UR Thompson Health, Rochester Regional Health-Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic, Finger Lakes Health and other community leaders to complete a Community Health Assessment (CHA) and develop a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for Ontario County. The S2AY Rural Health Network facilitated this process utilizing the MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership) framework-an evidence-based strategic approach to community health improvement.

The process began with collection of secondary data from the US Census Bureau, Expanded Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (EBRFSS), Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System (SPARCS), NY State Prevention Agenda, NY State Vital Statistics and others. The S2AY Rural Health Network collected primary data via nine focus groups.

Members of the Ontario County Health Collaborative (OCHC) solicited community stakeholder input and compiled, reviewed and analyzed data at monthly meetings. Through this collaborative effort, priorities areas were delineated and a disparate population was identified.

  • Priority 1: Prevent chronic diseases with efforts focused on reducing obesity and reducing illness, disability and death related to tobacco.
  • Priority 2: Increase access to high quality chronic disease preventative care and management in clinical and community settings.
  • Priority 3: Promote mental health and prevent substance abuse.

 Low socioeconomic status (SES) has a negative impact on health and health-seeking behaviors. This population suffers higher obesity and smoking rates, lower breastfeeding rates and has more difficulty accessing mental health services. Ontario County will address this disparity in its 2016-2018 CHIP.

Chronic diseases are among the leading causes of death, disability, and rising health care costs in New York State. They account for approximately 70% of all deaths in NYS, and affect the quality of life for millions, causing major limitations in daily living for about 10% of the population. Costs associated with chronic disease account for more than 75% of the nation’s health care spending.

There are many factors leading to substance abuse, including poor mental health. In recent years, Ontario County has seen a marked increase in heroin--related emergency room visits and fatal overdoses. Most incarcerations at the Ontario County Jail are related to substance abuse and many inmates have mental health diagnoses. Addressing these issues in tandem will increase collaboration, prevent duplication of services and allow for the most effective use of limited resources.