How to Report a Communicable Disease

Communicable Disease Reporting Requirements

(updated 10/28/2019)

Reportable Disease
Click here view and print a list of diseases that must be reported to the local health department in New York State.

Reporting Communicable Diseases in Ontario County

For Residents

If you live in Ontario County and believe you have been exposed to a New York State reportable disease, including foodborne illnesses (food poisoning), call 585-396-4343 or 585-299-2995 and ask to speak with the Communicable Disease Coordinator.

If your healthcare provider diagnoses you with a disease that is reportable in New York State, he or she is required by state law to notify the local health department. Some diseases require further investigation by local public health staff. You may receive a telephone call from a disease investigator. In Ontario County these calls are made by registered nurses. The nurse will confirm your county of residence and ask you some questions about your illness; when it started, how long it lasted, what your symptoms were like, etc. These calls usually take between ten and twenty minutes. Any information you provide will be kept confidential.

For Healthcare Providers

If you have diagnosed a patient with a communicable disease that is reportable in New York State, call the local health department of the county in which the patient resides to speak with disease investigation staff. In Ontario County, call 585-396-4343 or 800-299-2995.

Click here for a complete list of NY State Reportable Diseases.