NYS County Highway Superintendents Association

About the NYSCHSA

In 1909, a group of County Highway Superintendents met in Saratoga Springs, New York. Their intent: to form a close-knit organization that would support and inform its members and help them to do their jobs in a more efficient manner. For over 90 years, members of the New York State County Highway Superintendents Association (NYSCHSA) have gathered together to share their knowledge, experience, and each other's company. A non-profit organization, the Association promotes the construction and maintenance of a safe and modern system of county roads and other allied transportation infrastructure maintained by county government. It's an important mission: there are more than 20,400 miles of county highways and over 9,000 local bridges in New York State.
Today, the Association continues in its important work with 57 of the state's county commissioners of public works and highway superintendents, and over 125 industry members, actively involved.

What they do:

The Association is the only organization in New York State dedicated to meeting the needs of County Highway Superintendents and Commissioners of Public Works. To meet the goals of supporting its members' professional development and representing the entire membership, the Association:
  • Provides opportunities for Association members to meet and share information.
  • Sponsors and promotes the transfer of the latest technology and information regarding transportation and public works in New York State.
  • Provides information — on such topics as legal issues, new maintenance and construction methods, and management skills — that aids members in the operation of their departments.
  • Informs the State Legislature of County positions on proposed legislation involving highways and public works and proposes legislation which is in the best interest of communities throughout New York State.
  • Over the years, the Association has established positive working relationships with the Governor's Office, both houses of the State Legislature, and the New York Department of Transportation. In addition, the Association continues to educate state representatives on the importance of state highway and bridge aid to local governments. For example, the Association has been instrumental in promoting the safety and economic benefits of the Consolidated Highway Improvement Program, which has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to more than 1,600 local governments in New York State. Link to the NYSCHSA's wesbite