How to Catch a Bat

What about Bats?

Little Brown BatA small percentage of bats carry rabies. If a bat gets into your house catch it, then call Ontario County Public Health. We can determine if the bat needs to be tested for rabies. If it does, the Humane Society will arrange for the bat to be sent to the NY State Lab in Albany for rabies testing. The bat can’t be tested if it’s too decomposed so keep it cold or frozen until it can be transported to the Humane Society.

Click here to learn how to catch a bat. It is not as hard or scary as you might think.

If you caught a bat in your house and discarded it or let it go, Contact Ontario County Public Health. We need to get more information to decide if there is any possibility that you were exposed to rabies. A public health staff member is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about potential rabies exposures. During business hours call 585-396-4343 or 1-800-299-2995. Nights, weekends, and holidays reach Public Health staff at 585-394-4560.