Physically Handicapped Children's Program

The New York State Department of Health promotes the development of quality services for physically handicapped children and helps parents, who need financial assistance, pay for the medical care of children ages 0-21 whose conditions can be corrected or improved.

There are thousands of children in New York State with physical defects which prevent them from leading normal lives. Many of these defects can be corrected or improved so that these children may eventually become self-sufficient, obtain an education and even be gainfully employed. Because the cost of such care is beyond the means of many families, New York State administers a joint (federal-state-county) financial assistance program to aid parents of physically handicapped children.

Any child in Ontario County under 21 years of age who has, or is suspected of having, a physical defect within the scope of the medical rehabilitation program may apply for diagnoses, treatment, and financial aid. There are over 130 physically handicapping conditions covered. Among these are the following: congenital malformations, cerebral palsy, diabetes, hearing disabilities, cleft lip and palate, congenital heart defects, traumatic deformities, and scoliosis. If in doubt about whether a certain condition is included within the scope of the program, please contact the department at 585-396-4546 or 1-800-299-2995.

The PHCP program may assist with the cost's related to the child's medical condition, including diagnosis and medical treatment, orthodontia for cleft lip/ cleft palate only, medical equipment and supplies and medications. The program requires financial eligibility - either by applying through Medicaid or if you are not eligible for Medicaid, a confidential financial investigation is done by our program to determine financial eligibility. If a family has private insurance and qualifies for the program, PHCP may pay the balance of what their insurance does not pay.

For more information on the program or to make a referral, call (585)396-4546 or 1-(800)299-2995.