Ontario County Planning Board

NYS Municipal Law, Article 12-B, sections 239 1 m & n is the enabling legislation, which creates County Planning Boards (CPB) and grants authority.  Due to COVID-19, CPB will meet virtually as long as such meetings are authorized by  Executive Order of the Governor.

CPB Membership

CPB membership consists of one representative from each of the 16 towns and 2 cities within the County. Members are selected by their town board or city council and formally appointed by the County Board of Supervisors for a 5 year term. Members representing a town, also represent any village(s) located within the town.

CPB Responsibilities

The Ontario County Planning Board reviews certain zoning and planning actions that are referred to them for recommendation by a Village, Town or City before the municipality’s final decision is made. Although CPB review is required (in the instances outlined below), the action by the CPB is advisory in nature and can be overturned at the local level by a super majority vote of the referring board.
New York State Law spells out that the following types of actions require review by the CPB:
  • Adoption or amendment of zoning regulations (text and/or map)
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Site plan approvals
  • Special use permits
  • Variances
  • Any special permit, exception, or other authorization which a board of appeals, planning board or legislative body is authorized to issue under the provisions of any zoning ordinance
  • Subdivisions
The above referenced actions should only be reviewed by the CPB when they occur on real property lying within a distance of 500 feet from any:
  • City, village or town boundary
  • Existing or proposed county or state park or other recreation area
  • Right-of-way of any existing or proposed county or state parkway, thruway, expressway, road or highway
  • State agricultural district
  • Stream or drainage channel owned by the county or for which the county has established channel lines
  • Existing or proposed boundary of any county or state owned land on which a public building or institution is situated

Referral Classifications

The CPB reviews referrals on a monthly basis for inter-municipal or countywide impacts. Referrals are separated into two classes;
  • Class 1: The project being referred has little potential to cause inter-municipal or countywide impacts.
  • Class 2: The project being referred may create inter-municipal or countywide impacts.

Exempt Referrals

Via inter-municipal agreement the Ontario County Planning Department has created a list of referrals that are exempt from review of the CPB.
To view the full list: List of Exempt Referrals

Administrative Reviews

The Ontario County Planning Department prepares reviews of referrals as authorized, in accordance with CPB bylaws. Administrative Reviews are not reviewed at CPB meetings.
  • AR1 represents an administrative review that is a Class 1 referral.
  • AR2 represents an administrative review that is a Class 2 referral.
For the list of Administrative Reviews: Referrals Eligible for Administrative Review