Agricultural District Renewal




Annual Ag. District Renewal Form

Ontario County farmland owners may request that their land be added to a New York State Agricultural District between November 1-30. State law requires that farmland owners be given a 30-day period every year during which they can request their land be added. The NYS Agricultural District Program is a voluntary program that provides farmland owners and farmers certain advantages and protections as long as the land stays in the District. For additional information on the NYS Agricultural District Program click here.

How to apply

Landowners must submit a signed, written request to Ms. Karen DeMay. They can download a form by clicking here or submit a letter which includes:

  • Name, mailing address and phone number of the land owner
  • Address and the tax map identification number(s) of the property(s),
  • A description of the land, acreage, and its agricultural use.

At the close of the review period, the requests wll be reviewed by the Ontario County Agricultural Enhancement Board. They will then make recommendations regarding suitability of the land for inclusion in an Agricultural District to the Ontario County Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors then reviews and approves the list of properties for submission to the Commissioner of New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets for final approval.

How do I find out if my land is already in a NYS Agricultural District?

If you do not know if your land is in a NYS Agricultural District you can check the by going to Oncor and searching for the parcel, then clicking on:

  1. “Dynamic Map,” then
  2. “Special Districts” then
  3. Check the Agricultural Districts box. – parcels in a district are shaded in green.

Agricultural District Reports
Confusion with:

NYS Agricultural Property Tax Exemption Program

Inclusion in a NYS Agricultural District and obtaining an agricultural property tax exemption from the local assessor are easily confused. A landowner must still file an application with the local assessor for an agricultural exemption whether or not a parcel is in a certified Agricultural District. For information about the agricultural property tax exemption program click here or contact your local assessor who is responsible for this program.

Local Zoning

The NYS Agricultural District program is also frequently confused with local zoning districts which are created by towns, villages, or cities and often called “Agricultural Districts”. Local zoning establishes zoning districts where agriculture or ‘farming’ is an allowable land use. For more information on your zoning laws contact your Municipality.