Events & Workshops

Your Role as Local Government Records Management Officer

By law, each local government must have a Records Management Officer (RMO) who is responsible for managing its records management program. This workshop looks at the role and responsibilities of the RMO.

This workshop will:

  • Review the laws that established the role of Records Management Officer (RMO)
  • Identify the responsibilities of the RMO and others
  • Discuss the attributes of a good records management program
  • Provide tips for building a records management program and maintaining support over the long term
  • Provide a forum for sharing strategies on maintaining support
  • Review the services offered by the State Archives to organizations that want to establish a records management program

To register please contact: Rosemary Switzer at or call 585 396 4377.



The NYS Archives will be presenting a workshop on October 10 at the Safety Training Facility 9:30-12:00am.
The title of the class is How to process and purge your Inactive Records. 
The workshop will discuss transferring records to inactive storage, identifying and organizing records, applying retention schedules, destroying records, and preparing them to be scanned into a records system. Leave your fears behind as you learn to dive into records like the deep end of a swimming pool!

To register: please contact Rosemary at or call 585 396 4377.