County & Town Tax Bills

COUNTY AND TOWN TAX BILLS are mailed to residents of all TOWNS in Ontario County by January 1st. This bill will include taxes levied for County purposes, Town purposes and Special District purposes. Special District taxes may include levies for Fire Protection, water, sewer, or lighting districts. The bill may also include unpaid water or sewer charges, relevied unpaid school or village taxes, or exemption removal chargebacks.

The county/town tax bills can be paid in two equal installment payments, however the first payment must be made in January, during the interest free period. The second installment can be made in February with 1% interest added or March with 2% interest added.

The tax collector's are obligated by law to mail a reminder notice to all property owners whose taxes remain unpaid after the interest free period has expired. The notice must be mailed no later than March 16.

The town tax collectors cannot accept any more payments after March 31st. After that date, unpaid taxes are turned over to the County Treasurer for collection and enforcement.

If you are paying by mail, remember to check the box to request a receipt, and return the entire bill with your payment.