Adult Protective Services
The Adult Services team deals with problems and concerns for the population of adults over the age of 18 in our community. They receive referrals from the community about adults who have a medical or emotional incapacity, are at risk of self-neglect, or are currently being abused, neglected, or exploited by someone else and have no one else willing or able to care for them. The caseworkers try to refer this population to services within the community or agencies with case management services so that their needs are met.

Some of those cases are opened to provide Adult Protective Services and caseworkers visit and monitor those adults on an on-going basis. Some Preventive cases are opened when the adult requires assistance with financial matters.

Most of the cases are dealt with in a voluntary manner, but the Ontario County Department of Social Services can appeal to the Court if a person is in immediate danger of harm and refuses assistance.

In order to make a referral, anyone can call (585) 396-4111 and ask to speak to an Adult Protective worker.