2024 Geneva Ward 6 Special Election Information

City of Geneva Ward 6 Councilor

Registered voters living in Ward 6 will elect a representative to the City Council on March 12, 2024 for a term of office ending on December 31, 2025.

How You Can Vote

By Mail or Absentee

In Person

Early By Mail: All registered voters in Ward 6 may vote Early By Mail. Apply online or send an application form.Poll Site:

Courtyard Apartments

Community Room

10 Goodman Street

Absentee: If you are away, ill or unable to vote in person due to disability. Apply online or send an application form.Early Voting:
Sat, March 29am - 5pm
Sun, March 39 am - 5 pm
Mon, March 49am - 5pm
Tues, March 5Noon - 8pm
Wed, March 6Noon - 8pm
Thurs, March 710am - 6pm
Fri, March 810am - 6pm
Sat, March 99am - 5pm
Sun, March 109am - 5pm

Apply ByMarch 2, 2024.

Election Day: 6am - 9pm

GSE Sample Ballot (PNG)

Deadline to apply for Early Mail or Absentee Ballot is March 2, 2024

Early Voting Communications Plan

SG24 Political Calendar