Engineering & Construction

Civil 3D

The engineering section is staffed by two professional engineers, four junior engineers (designers and technicians), and one GIS specialist who are responsible for planning, design and administration of Public Works departmental capital road and bridge projects. Staff regularly inspects county roads (240 miles), bridges (75), drainage facilities (1100 culverts and 1 dam), and other structures and facilities to determine necessary repairs and replacement needs. Staff develops plans and specifications for contracted work, undertakes inspection of contracted projects and guides work performed by the Bureau of Highways. All work is performed in accordance with proper engineering standards and rules of professional conduct.

Maintenance of Roads & Bridges

Building, improving, maintaining and repair of the County’s roads and right-of-way. The department assists other Ontario County departments as well as state and local governments. It serves the residents of Ontario County and all who travel County highways. In addition, maintenance of the County’s bridges is funded through this budget.


County Roundabouts

As of January 2024, the County has 6 fully functional roundabouts.  These are located at the following intersections:

  • County Road 8 @ County Road 41
  • County Road 28 @ Shortsville Road
  • County Road 10 @ County Road 46
  • County Road 10 @ County Road 4
  • County Road 23 @ McIvor Road/Fort Hill Road
  • County Road 4 @ County Road 20

Roundabouts are gaining in popularity as a safer alternative to tradition stop-sign or signal-controlled intersections and are now considered one of the most effective ways to reduce intersection crashes and fatalities, according to Federal Highway Administration data.

The article titled "Several State DOTs Salute National Roundabouts Week" (AASHTO Journal) from September 2023 provides additional insight into the benefits of roundabouts

For additional information on roundabouts, including how to properly proceed thru them, please visit the using roundabouts in Ontario County webpage.