Bureau of Highways

The Highway Bureau is responsible for the maintenance, construction and operation of all County highways.  There is an Engineering section which has the responsibility of performing all engineering, surveying, mapping and related work required by the department. There is also a Fleet Management section which has the responsibility for planning, organizing and directing the acquisition, maintenance, operation and disposal of County-owned or leased vehicles.

The Highway administration budget covers the expense of the daily operations of the Bureau of Highways in those areas such as purchasing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and the overall supervision of the Bureau. Permits for roadway access, drainage, and utility installations on county roads are processed and administered by this office.


Road Machinery

Purchasing, maintenance, and repair of all motorized and heavy equipment owned by the Bureau of Highways. Highway and Fleet Maintenance work together at the County Transportation Center (CTC). Equipment must be available on a daily basis to support the construction and maintenance projects carried out by all branches of the Bureau of Highways.

Fleet - Heavy Equipment

Snow Removal

The snow removal budget is responsible for the contracts with the 16 towns in Ontario County that perform snow and ice control operations on County highways.

Snow Removal


The engineering section is staffed by two professional engineers, four junior engineers (designers and technicians), and one GIS specialist who are responsible for planning, design and administration of Public Works departmental capital road and bridge projects. Staff regularly inspects county roads (240 miles), bridges (75), drainage facilities (1100 culverts and 1 dam), and other structures and facilities to determine necessary repairs and replacement needs. Staff develops plans and specifications for contracted work, undertakes inspection of contracted projects and guides work performed by the Bureau of Highways. All work is performed in accordance with proper engineering standards and rules of professional conduct.

Maintenance of Roads & Bridges

Building, improving, maintaining and repair of the County’s roads and right-of-way. The department assists other Ontario County departments as well as state and local governments. It serves the residents of Ontario County and all who travel County highways. In addition, maintenance of the County’s bridges is funded through this budget.


Traffic Safety

Traffic Safety, under the Bureau of Highways, is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all traffic control devices on County highways. This includes all traffic signs, signal lights, pavement markings, work zones, and detour signage.

Pedestrian Crossing Sign
Double Arrow Sign
Stop Sign