County Parks System

Ontario County Parks System

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* A special thank you to Preston Pierce at the Ontario County Historian's office for assisting in gathering the information used in regards to the county parks

Court House - Postcard

Old postcard image of the Court House as it looked from 1857-1908

Prior to 1960, Ontario County owned only one park – The Public Square in downtown Canandaigua. That year, Richmond Town Supervisor Phillip J. Rowley included plans for a park in his “Plan for Progress” presented to the Board of Supervisors. A group of supervisors was formed to study this proposal. There was added incentive since that state had offered to pay 75% of any acquisition costs. Although questions persisted in regards to the number of parks and their respective locations, the county began to build its park system from this point forward. Ontario County is home to roughly 108,000 permanent residents as well as countless visitors each year. The variety of beautiful landscapes within Ontario County make for a spectacular park system - each park with its own history that makes it as unique as the natural features it encompasses 

County Parks Department

The Ontario County Parks Department is comprised of dedicated individuals who strive to maintain the beauty of the natural environment while ensuring that recreational and educational opportunities are available to all members of the public. Through cooperation with community partners and continuous in-house planning, the Parks Department prides itself in effectively and efficiently providing an array of park services. Whether you are in the mood for a leisurely picnic, a scenic bike ride, or summer entertainment provided by local musicians, the parks of Ontario County offer a little bit of something for everyone. Don’t pass up a chance to experience the natural environment that is so effortlessly represented by the Ontario County parks system.

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