Victims Rights

The Rights of Crime Victims in New York State

  • Your Right to Certain Kinds of Compensation and Assistance:
    The New York State Office of Victim Services may be able to reimburse you for your direct out-of-pocket expenses caused by the crime.  These expenses may include the repair or replacement of essential personal property, loss of earnings or support, medical bills, including the cost of counseling, vocational rehabilitation, crime scene cleanup or funeral bills. The Ontario County District Attorney’s Office Victim Assistance Program can assist you in filing a claim with the Office of Victim Services.  
  • Your Right to be Notified of Judicial Proceedings
  • Your Rights During Judicial Proceedings
  • Your Right to be Free from Intimidation
  • Your Right to Submit a Victim Impact Statement
  • Your Right to Restitution

Know Your Rights: A Guide for Victims of Crime

New York State Sexual Assault Victim Bill of Rights