Comprehensive Victim Services

The Ontario County District Attorney’s Office Victim/Witness Assistance Program is the first ever established advocacy program in Ontario County, with a history of nearly 30 years of service to victims and witnesses. We offer comprehensive victim services, specializing in assisting crime victims through the criminal justice process. 

Once criminal charges have been filed against a defendant, the District Attorney’s Office becomes the primary law enforcement agency point of contact for victims. A victim advocate will be available to give you information about how the court system works and the current status of your case. Your victim advocate can also provide you information on community resources that might assist you with the impact of being a crime victim.

The court system can be difficult and confusing. The Ontario County District Attorney’s Office is staffed by attorneys, investigators, support staff and victim advocates who are dedicated to advocating for victim rights and helping crime victims access appropriate services. As a victim of crime you will be treated with fairness, respect and dignity by the Ontario County DA’s Office.

Case management services were also added in 2019 to extend the services available to victims. Case management works in partnership with victim advocacy to provide additional referrals, resources and support. Continued services are available after a court case has closed to provide any necessary resources to meet the physical and emotional needs of survivors.