NEW**Traffic Ticket Reduction Request**

Have you received a traffic ticket in Ontario County?

Traffic Ticket Picture

Review the Ontario County District Attorney’s traffic reduction policy.  If you are requesting a traffic ticket reduction, you are required to complete an online traffic safety course as outlined in the traffic reduction policy, or another driver safety course that is approved by NYS DMV. If you are requesting a Distracted Driving ticket reduction, ie: cell phone ticket, you are required to complete an in person class or an online course as outlined in the traffic reduction policy. (Work Zone tickets and School Zone tickets are not automatically included in these programs- prior approval from the District Attorney's Office is required.)

*Please note that equipment violations are not eligible for the diversion programs- all requests for equipment citations should be emailed directly to the corresponding Court’s ADA. 

English - Traffic Reduction Course          Spanish - Traffic Reduction Course         ESSI - Driven to Distraction

Questions?  Email the Ontario County District Attorney’s Office.