Ontario County SR 364/CR 11 Active Transportation Corridor Plan

Final Plan Cover

Final Plan Approved

The Planning Committee of the Genesee Transportation Council approved the Ontario County SR 364/CR 11 Active Transportation Plan at their August 6, 2020 meeting.  Plan documents can be downloaded below.

SR 364/CR 11 ATP Executive Summary

SR 364/CR11 ATP Final Report

SR364/CR 11 ATP Appendices

What is an Active Transportation Plan?

Most roads and highways, particularly in rural areas, where developed to allow vehicles, whether horse drawn or by engine, to get from one place to another in the most efficient and fastest way possible.   Over time, land use patterns changed and more people started walking and bicycling even though most existing roads were not designed to provide safe use by pedestrians and bicyclists.  

An active transportation plan identifies comprehensive strategies including traffic calming, wayfinding, signage, access management and infrastructure improvements that are needed to incorporate bicyclists and pedestrians as equal corridor users with motorists. 

Why an Active Transportation Plan for the SR 364/CR 11 Corridor

Over the past two years, master plans were developed for Ontario County's two parks on Canandaigua Lake - Deep Run  and Ontario Beach County Parks located on in the Town of Gorham. At park planning public meetings speeding, parking along the roadway, congestion and conflicts between vehicular traffic and bicycles and pedestrians were identified as critical problems in the vicinity of the parks and along the entire corridor.  

Addressing these issues was important but beyond the scope of a park planning project.  Ontario County applied for and  received a grant from the Genesee Transportation Council to prepare an Active Transportation Plan for the entire corridor that builds off the work completed for the Master Plans.  Go to Canandaigua Lakeshore County Parks Plan for more information.

Study Area

The 10 mile study area includes SR 364 from CR 18/Constellation Brands-Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center (CMAC) area in the Town of Canandaigua to the Yates County line (7.3 miles) and CR 11 (East Lake Rd.) from SR 364 (2.7 miles) to the Yates County Line.  The corridor has been divided into six character zones that reflect the diversity of land use patterns and road conditions.


For more information contact:

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Ontario County Planning Department

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