Sustainability & Solid Waste Management

2023 Ontario County/ Casella Waste Management Scholarship Opportunity

Casella Environmental Waste Management academic scholarships are available to college or  college-bound students who are pursuing majors in environmental studies, agriculture, or agricultural business, including waste management. For details on how to apply please see here: 2023 Casella Waste Scholarship

The Department of Sustainability & Solid Waste Management will focus on the County’s efforts to increase sustainable practices and waste diversion by employees and residents. The department implements the County’s Local Solid Waste Management Plan, by working with municipalities, businesses and organizations to ensure the sustainability of our local environment.

The department also provides administrative oversite of the County’s Landfill Operations.

The department reports to the Planning and Environmental Quality Committee of the Board of Supervisors.

To Learn more about recycling and waste diversion or how to responsibly dispose of hard to determine items, please visit Ontario County's recycling website.