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ADEPT Driver® Programs are the only behaviorally-based, scientifically-based crash reduction programs on the market. ADEPT Driver's proven crash reduction training programs and assessments are designed so that the participant does not experience training as a punishment.  They see the relevance and importance of the subject content and appreciate learning crash avoidance skills they can use every day.  

ADEPT Driver programs target  the leading causes of traffic violations, including poor risk perception and speed and space management, as well as hazard detection, visual awareness and judging safe gaps in the flow of traffic.  

ADEPT Driver programs work because they address the proven factors behind auto collisions. 


Need to make a referral to an ADEPT Driver Program?  Fill out a referral form HERE!

ADEPT PARTICIPANT INSTRUCTIONS  (Please print or direct the participant to review!)


If you have been referred to the teenSMART® crash reduction program by a Court, please have your docket number (can be found on the back of the ADEPT brochure you received at Court) available and go to teenSMART Driving within 72 hours of your court appearance to order the program.  

If you have been referred to the Lifelong Driver® by a Court, please have your docket number available and go to Lifelong Driver within 72 hours of your court appearance and order the program.  

The cost of an ADEPT Driver program is $75.

Once you have ordered the program, you will receive an email with a link to download the program and a unique user ID.  You will have thirty (30) days to complete the program.  Failure to complete the program will result in a return to court. 

Both teenSMART and Lifelong Driver are computer programs designed for Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computers that meet the minimum specifications.  The programs will NOT run on Chromebooks, tablets or phones.  

Please contact with any questions or issues. 


teenSMART® is a computer-based program that teaches skills proven to dramatically reduce teen driver crash frequency and severity.  teenSMART teaches new drivers to anticipate dangerous situations, recognize how risk changes as they drive, increase situational awareness and expect the unexpected!

Teens that complete the teenSMART program have up to 30% fewer collisions and 51% fewer bodily injury claims than teens that do not complete the program.

In addition, teenSMART graduates report a greater sense of confidence behind the wheel and an increased ability to refrain from distracting activities while driving.

LifeLong Driver Program

Lifelong Driver® uses real-life driving simulations that precisely measure and teach the driving skills most critical for mature drivers.  As a result, most participants notice an immediate improvement in the way they drive.

Lifelong Driver was specifically created to extend the driving life of drivers 55 and older by reinforcing life-saving situational awareness skills, helping to maintain independence and mobility for mature drivers.