Employee Safety

Duties & Responsibilities

The Ontario County Safety Coordinator's office is staffed by a full-time safety coordinator. The primary function of this office is to provide safety training, accident and injury prevention, compliance assistance, and safety inspections for county operations, buildings, and employees.

In addition, Ontario County recognized a need to extend these services to the cities, towns, and villages within the county. This was in the county's best interest as they participate in the County's Workers' Compensation Self Insurance Program, as well as being exposed to many of the same compliance issues and hazards.

The Ontario County Safety and Health Program was developed to direct the establishment, administration, and enforcement of safety and health practices for all Ontario County employees. The Office of Employee Safety, a division of the Human Resource Department that is directed by the safety coordinator, is responsible for the preparation, administration, and enforcement of the program.


An effective safety and health program requires the involvement and support of all employees, including those with supervisory responsibilities.

Supervisor Responsibilities

Supervisory personnel are responsible for the safety of employees under their supervision. It is the responsibility of supervisory personnel to:
  • Ensure that employees are properly trained in the work tasks assigned to them
  • Ensure that employees understand applicable safe-working practices and safety and health regulations
  • Detect and correct unsafe conditions
  • Enforce the use of safety equipment
  • Enforce the use of safe operating practices
  • Ensure that all job related injuries and illnesses are treated and reported promptly
  • Conduct safety training and meetings as appropriate
  • Recognize a condition or practice which may cause death or serious injury and take whatever immediate action is necessary to correct the noted condition or practice, including stoppage of the work being performed

Office & Coordinator Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Employee Safety Office and the safety coordinator are to:
  • Provide advice and guidance to all county departments and their employees
  • Inspect, both regularly and randomly, all county-owned leased and rented buildings, properties, and work sites
  • Prepare and deliver safety training programs
  • Investigate injuries and accidents
  • Prepare necessary reports and recommendations
  • Recognize a condition or practice which may cause death or serious injury and take whatever immediate action necessary to correct the noted condition