Doing Business Under an Assumed Name


One function of the County Clerk's Office is to accept Doing Business Under an Assumed Name certificates for filing. The General Business Law requires that any individual or partners intending to conduct commercial activity under a name other than their given name file a DBA certificate.

Types of DBA Filings

  • The original - $25 filing fee
  • An amendment - $25 filing fee
  • A discontinuance - No fee
The law requires specific elements be contained in the DBA certificate. The filer may wish to ask the advice of an attorney when preparing to file a DBA, especially if a partnership is involved. The forms may be purchased at a business stationary store. Additionally, our office has an information packet, including the form, for $1.

Original DBA

Before filing the original DBA, we provide the opportunity for the individual to review our public index to search the desired name to assure it is not being used by another individual or partnership. Once the DBA form is completed, it may be presented to a clerk for filing.

If a certified copy of the form is needed (this may be required by a bank for a business account) we will prepare one for a fee of $5. Regular copies are provided for 65 cents per page with a minimum charge of $1.30. If the filer provides the copies at the time of filing, we will time stamp each copy at no charge.

DBA Summary

The DBA form must be completed by the filer and can be purchased wherever legal forms are sold. Also, an information packet, including the form, may be purchased in our office for $1. Bring (or mail) the completed form to:

Ontario County Clerk's Office
20 Ontario St.
Canandaigua, NY 14424

There is a filing fee of $25 (plus $5 per each certified copy required). Changes to DBAs (such as the names of the principals, business name, and address) require a $25 filing fee. There is no fee to file a discontinuance.

DBA forms may be mailed to our office provided they have been properly notarized. Provide us with a stamped, self-addressed envelope if requesting any copies and make the check payable to the Ontario County Clerk.