Finger Lakes Breastfeeding Partnership

Celebrating Breastfeeding Friendly Places

August 1, 2016

The Finger Lakes Breastfeeding Partnership honored breastfeeding friendly places in Ontario County.

Von Maur - A Breastfeeding Friendly Place

Members of the Canandaigua Baby Café have recognized Von Maur at Eastview Mall in Victor, as a Breastfeeding Friendly Place. Employees and patrons alike benefit from its policies that support breastfeeding. Many businesses refurbish an unused space, closet or utility room to accommodate nursing mothers. Von Maur takes a more proactive approach and includes designated nursing rooms in every building’s floor plan. Each Von Maur store is built with mothers in mind!

General Manager, Amanda Oskam, reports employees are provided a private area to pump breast milk and are not required to clock off while pumping. Amanda explains further, “Here at Von Maur we support the health of our employees and their children by having an employee lactation policy. We understand the benefits of breastfeeding for our employees and their children. ”

Thank you, Von Maur for supporting nursing mothers!

More information on the Finger Lakes Breastfeeding Partnership.

(Updated 9/2/2020)

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