Family Planning

Family Planning is about having your children, when you want them. Americans are not notoriously good at planning their pregnancies. In 2011, in New York an estimated 64-69% of pregnancies were planned, meaning at least three out of every ten were unplanned.
Pregnancy Plan
Planning pregnancies is beneficial for everyone. When pregnancies are planned,
  • Women are physically and mentally prepared before becoming pregnant
  • Parents have more time with their kids and with each other
  • There is less family and financial stress
  • Mothers have time to recover between pregnancies
  • There is less need for abortion
Planning a pregnancy - Pre-conceptual care

Birth control options are widely available in the United States. If you are having trouble accessing family planning services in Ontario County, help is available at the Family Planning Benefit Program.

Click here for the pamphlet, Family Planning Services in the Greater Ontario County Region.

Updated 3/14/16