Housing Options

Ontario County offers a wide variety of living arrangements for seniors. Many options are located in a city environment with easy access to shopping, health facilities, and opportunities to enjoy community activities. You can retain as much independence as you wish without the worries of home maintenance.

What types of Senior Housing are available in Ontario County?

Independent Living
Senior Housing/Supportive Housing

There are independent apartment complexes for Seniors throughout our county. They offer a variety of services. When looking at apartments, you may want to consider amenities such as laundry facilities, access to public transportation, security, emergency response system, and organized or informal social activities. Supportive Housing may even provide housekeeping, laundry, meals, or private transportation.

These apartments are not licensed by a government agency. If they are subsidized apartments (part of the rent paid for) they will be supervised by a housing agency.

Adult Residential Care

Adult Home/Family Type Housing

Adult Homes
offer assistance when seniors are unable to manage independently. They offer room and board, housekeeping, personal care assistance, and supervision with medications. They cannot provide skilled nursing or medical care. These residences may include Enriched Housing programs and/or Assisted Living programs.

Adult Homes are self pay and are licensed and regulated by the NY State Department of Health.

Family Type Homes have a maximum of four residents, are self pay and are certified by the local Department of Social Services.

Nursing Home

Nursing Homes offer 24 hour nursing care and supervision under the orders of a physician. The basic services include: medical care, personal care, therapy, nutrition, and social activities.

Nursing Homes are paid for on a private-pay basis, Long Term Care Insurance or by Medicaid. They are licensed and regulated by the NY State Department of Health.

What programs provide personal or health related care within Independent Living or Adult Residential Care facilities?

Enriched Housing Program

Offers room, meals, house keeping, personal care, and supervision in independent housing units.

Assisted Living Program
Offers health services in addition to the supportive services listed under the Enriched Housing Program. The program provides an alternative to Nursing Home Care.

These programs are licensed and regulated by the NY State Department of Health.

Here is a Sr. Housing Listing of the Housing Options in Ontario County