About Us

Our Role

The Ontario County Office for the Aging is a federally designated Area Agency on Aging (AAA). The role of AAA is to plan, coordinate, advocate and develop a comprehensive service system to meet the short and long-term needs of older adults in the County. AAAs work with Federal, State, and local officials, senior constituents, and service providers to coordinate existing services and to stimulate new ones. Each AAA prepares a multi-year Area Plan which identifies the needs of that area's older adults and specifies which services will be provided to meet those needs.

To view the 2020 Annual Plan Abstract please click here.

Our Mission

The Ontario County Office for the Aging is committed to enriching the lives of residents 60 years of age and older and their caregivers. We do this by providing services that support independent living and promote dignity and a positive quality of life.

Our Vision

As we live longer there are new opportunities and challenges that we will face. The Ontario County Office for the Aging wants to help people take advantage of the opportunities of living longer by helping them remain active and healthy but we also help people face the multitude of challenges that will come their way.

Our vision is that everyone in Ontario County will have the opportunity to "age in place" with dignity and quality of life. The Office for the Aging promotes and supports the independence of older adults, serving them where they want to be and where it is most cost-effective - in their homes and communities.