WWI Centennial Project

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The culmination of this project is presented in a new dynamic and interactive “Story Map” format to celebrate the Armistice Centennial. The picture above will navigate to the main story. Special "Spotlight" stories can be viewed by clicking on the images below.

Medical Experiences of WWI

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Howard Helfer's Experience

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Ontario County Historical Society
Part of this multi-year project to remember our local experiences during World War 1 included discovering those veterans interred locally. County Historian, Dr. Preston Pierce, began the quest digging through archives. Over the past few years, he has combined this research with explorations of cemeteries with assistance from seasonal interns (Amanda Wasicsko, Quinn Bissen, and Chris Scarrott) and County GIS Coordinator Sheri Norton.

As each veteran's grave (and often plaques as well) were discovered, a GPS location was captured and photographs taken. Detailed documents (work in progress as new veterans are found) for each community have been compiled by Dr. Pierce with archival history of service details and sometimes in-depth life stories. The history of these hundreds of veterans are recorded in the County's mapping system and now available through a series of interactive maps and incorporated into exhibits around the county.
Preston Pierce by Gravestone