How Do We Get the Speed Limit Changed?

In Counties and Towns with populations the size of those here in Ontario County, Section 1622 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law gives the power to set speed limits on all roads outside of villages and cities to the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).  If an individual wishes to have a speed limit changed on a Town, County or State Road, they must first submit a request to their Town Board.  Some individuals send along a petition signed by other residents along the road.  If the Town Board wishes that the speed limit be reviewed it first must pass a resolution requesting that the State conduct the review.  The Town Clerk then sends a certified copy of the resolution with the appropriate NYSDOT form to the County Highway Superintendent for County review and forwarding to the NYSDOT.  When the State review is complete, the Town is notified of the results.  It usually takes several months for NYSDOT to complete their review.  The appropriate municipality then installs the proper traffic signs if a change in speed limit is approved by the NYSDOT.  Village Boards and City Councils have the power to establish speed limits on their streets.  The County cannot, by itself, request review of a speed limit.

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1. How Do We Get the Speed Limit Changed?
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