Public Works

** There is a new ADA-Compliant Kayak Launch available at Ontario Beach Park

Ontario County Park at Gannett Hill is changing our reservation system.   To book a campsite, cabin, lodge or pavilion in the new year (2022) please use our new reservation system.  This system will be available on our website starting January 1, 2022.

Duties & Responsibilities


The Public Works administrative staff provides assistance to the community, county employees, and the general public. Public Works administration acts as a liaison to all departments under its jurisdiction.

The office is responsible for the disbursement of more than $15 million worth of goods and services in relation to:

  • Buildings and grounds
  • County sewer districts
  • Finger Lakes Performing Center
  • Fleet management
  • Highway, bridges, and roads
  • Parks
Additionally, the staff oversees the administration of capital projects totaling more than $33 million.

Excess Waste Fill Program

The Department of Public Works often generates waste fill materials from its excavation operations. This would include clean dirt, stone, and rocks. The value of these materials are nominal and finding disposal sites close to the work site is the most economical way to handle this excavated material.

If Ontario County residents would like access to these materials, please e-mail us at the address found in the contact information on this page.

Permit Requirements & Registration

Many local municipalities have permit requirements for fill sites. Please check with your local government for this information.

You can register your site by calling the Ontario County Public Works Department at (585) 396-4000 during normal business hours.

Using Roundabouts in Ontario County

By the fall of 2015, there will be 3 fully functional roundabouts located in Ontario County: The intersection of County Roads 10 and 46, the intersection of County Roads 10 and 4, and the intersection of County Roads 41 and 8. Learning the proper rules when using a roundabout is very important as these intersection improvements are becoming more prevalent. Please use the links below as guides to using roundabouts both in Ontario County and wherever you may come across them:

Ontario County Highway Map

Highway Map

In 2012, the Department of Public Works updated the
official county highway/road map with the assistance
of digital mapping service provider Jimapco. This
incredibly detailed road map contains, but is not
limited to: parks, campgrounds, historic sites, schools,
emergency management facilities, fun spots, vineyards,
and natural areas. It illustrates state, county, and local
roads both within the county, and to an extent, beyond
the county boundaries. The map includes inset maps of
the City of Geneva as well as the various villages and
lakes within the county. If interested in purchasing one
of these maps, they are $3.00 each and can be picked
up at either the County Clerk's office or the Department
of Public Works office.