The Purchasing Department is working with one or two staff members in the office, and the rest are working from home with system access including work email and phones.  Staff are available to assist during normal working hours 8:30-5, Monday through Friday.

**Attention All County Bidders**

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about submitting a Bid to Purchasing.

  • Are the scheduled bid openings still happening?
  • All bid openings are proceeding as scheduled.  
  • How are you fulfilling your obligation for public bid openings?
  • All bid opening are proceeding as scheduled and can be viewed via WebEx video conference. Anyone wishing to attend in person, must be masked and adhere to Social Distance guidelines.  
  • How can I view the bid openings and obtain the WebEx information easily?
  • The WebEx meeting information can be found in the Notice to Bidders.  Search any current bids through our web page under current bids.  There is also a link within the Purchasing Calendar at the bottom of this page. 
  • How can I get a copy of the Tab Sheets?
  • Tab sheets will be emailed to anyone submitting a bid. We will also post the Tab sheet to our website as soon as possible. 
  • How can I get my bids to you?
  • The sealed bid envelopes may be hand delivered to our department prior to the due date and time. We are also receiving mail, FedEx, and UPS. 
  • Will I be deemed non-responsive if I don’t acknowledge the WebEx meeting notice?
  • No. The meeting notice was not issued as an official addendum, but was published to all newspapers and is on the website and Empire State Bidnet. You will also not be penalized for acknowledging it as an addendum either.


Purchase Orders


Ontario County has online auctions to move our surplus and generate revenue for the county. Our online auctions are done with Auctions International, professional auctioneers who specialize in selling government surplus, commercial, and industrial assets. To view available auctions please visit Auctions International

Contracts & Bids

To access our current bids, please visit our Current Bids.

If you would like detailed information about a specific contract awarded by Ontario County, please submit a FOIL request to our Records & Archives Department.

Information pertaining to recent Bid or RFP results can be requested of the Purchasing Department @ 585-396-4442 or purchasing@ontariocountyny.gov 

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