Animals That Require Rabies Vaccine

What animals need to be vaccinated?

It is New York State law that ALL dogs, cats, and domestic ferrets be vaccinated against rabies after they reach the age of 4 months. Animals must remain up to date on rabies vaccination AT ALL TIMES.

What you need to know about Ontario County Rabies Vaccination Clinics

  • Ontario County clinics are for both previously vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs, cats, and domestic ferrets.
  • Kittens, puppies, and young ferrets must be at least 3 months of age in order to be vaccinated.
  • Rabies vaccine is a "killed" virus vaccine.  
  • Vaccine is administered by a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
  • The recommended schedule for dogs and cats is:
    • 1st rabies vaccine: at 3-4 months of age (any age over 3 months if vaccine status is unknown)
    • 2nd rabies vaccine: 12 months after the first. This boosts the immune system.
    • 3rd rabies vaccine: 3 years after the second.
  • Fully vaccinated dogs and cats need a booster every 3 years to maintain protection and to comply with New York State Law.
  • Ferrets require rabies vaccination EVERY year.
  • County clinics are free. Donations are appreciated and help defray the cost of holding clinics and purchasing vaccine.

Rabies Clinic Schedule 2023