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Caregivers interested in obtaining Project Lifesaver will be referred to the Erin Holley - Project Lifesaver Coordinator, at the Ontario County Sheriff's Office, 74 Ontario St., Canandaigua, NY 14424. By email or by phone at 585-396-4512. Further information and the application can be downloaded here.

The Project Coordinator will give you an overview of the program, caregiver responsibilities, and cost. If the responsible party is still interested in the program, an information packet will be sent to that person to be filled out and returned. The packet will include:
  • An instruction sheet for completing the packet
  • Client profile
  • Cost explanation
  • Program contract
  • Project Lifesaver agreement
  • Monthly Battery Payment booklet

The forms must be completed and returned to the Ontario County Sheriff's Office (OCSO) with a check made out to The Ontario County Sheriff for the amount specified in the packet, the first months' battery payment and a refundable deposit. The packet can be returned in person or mailed to:
Ontario County Sheriff's Office
Attention: Project Lifesaver
74 Ontario St.
Canandaigua, NY 14424


Within four days of receiving the packet, the OCSO will set up an appointment with the responsible party to place the transmitter with the client. Copies of the completed documents and a receipt will be sent to the responsible party.

The transmitter will be placed with the client by a deputy. This same deputy (most of the time) will return monthly to change the battery and bond with the client. The daily inspection sheet will be given to the responsible party at that time with instructions on how to fill it out.

Deposit Refund

When the client no longer needs Project Lifesaver, a refund of the deposit amount will be sent to the responsible party within three weeks after return of the transmitter to the Sheriff's Office.