Ontario County Top Cop

2022 TOP COP

2022 Top Cop

Pictured above: Sheriff Phillip Povero, Dep. Brian Larkin, STOP-DWI Coordinator Mary Beer, STOP-DWI Specialist Molly McNear

In the six months that Dep. Larkin patrolled Ontario County roads in 2022, he amassed 20 arrests of impaired drivers.  Thank you to Dep. Larkin for his efforts in keeping the residents of Ontario County safe!  


2022 STOP-DWI Top Cop Recipients

Pictured above: Sheriff Philip Povero, Dep. Ian Hall, Dep. Robert Middlebrook III, Dep. Dylan LaBrake, Dep. Kyle Sweet.

On February 14th, 2022 Deputies Hall, Middlebrook III, LaBrake and Sweet were recognized for their efforts in keeping the roads safe for the residents of Ontario County.  Their combined efforts resulted in getting 45 impaired drivers off the roads.  Congratulations to all on your well deserved recognition!

2020 TOP COP

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