Police Officer Academy Information


FLLEA LogoThe Ontario County Sheriff’s Office has always been committed to providing the most highly trained deputy sheriff’s. This commitment begins at the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy. The training required of a police officer is mandated by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). DCJS has established the Municipal Police Training Council (MPTC) to define the standards for training throughout New York State.

Prospective police officers are required to attend an accredited law enforcement academy. The Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy trains not only Sheriff’s deputies, but police officers from all across the Finger Lakes Region. 

The Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy (FLLEA) represents the following counties. Ontario, Wayne, Yates, Livingston, Seneca and Cayuga as well as various City, Town and Village Police Departments. Through its partnerships with both private and public entities, they are able to administer the highest level of training available to law enforcement agencies across the Finger Lakes Region.

Training is one of the most important and vital functions of any law enforcement agency. The Basic Course for Police is often considered to be the most important learning experiences that a police officer completes during his or her career. The Basic Course for Police has undergone a continual evolution since it was first established on July 1, 1960. It originally consisted of a minimum of 80 hours of instruction in specific areas. 

Today, the Basic Course for Police consists of a minimum standard of over 890 hours that is established through the New York State Municipal Training Council (MPTC). The Directors at the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy as well as New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services routinely reviews the content of the Basic Course for Police Officers to ensure that the material remains relevant to criminal justice issues and best prepares officers to serve their communities. The Basic Course for Police Officers covers a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, Ethics & Professionalism, Cultural Diversity, Bias Related Incidents, Professional Communication, Persons with Disabilities, Crisis Intervention, Use of Physical Force & Deadly Force, Active Shooter Response and Decision Making. Today’s police recruits are also mandated to complete numerous Reality Based Training Scenarios to better prepare them for the situations they will encounter on the job.

More often than not, the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy exceeds the minimum standard number of hours during the Basic Course for Police. Additional time is allocated in critical areas of instruction such as Emergency Vehicle Operation, Firearms, Reality Based Training, Officer Wellness and Response and Investigative Skills. As previously mentioned, the Finger Lakes Law Enforcement Academy routinely reviews course curriculums to ensure compliance and up to date training. 

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