Filing Maps


  • $10 filing fee

Survey Map Requirements

  • Can be no smaller than 8.5 inches by 11 inches
  • Completed title block including property owner's name and the town or city where parcel is located
  • Licensed Land Surveyor's signature and seal
  • Map must show a North direction indicator
  • The original linen or Mylar plus two paper copies must be the same size as, and identical to, the original

Subdivision Map Requirements

In addition to all of the above items, we need:
  • Certified tax search proving all levied taxes are paid – may be purchased from a city treasurer for city property or the Ontario County Treasurer for town property
  • Date of the planning board approval
  • Largest acceptable size is 34 inches by 44 inches
  • Must be filed within the time frame designated by town regulations
  • The planning board approval stamp with the chairman's signature