Civil Actions


The Ontario County Clerk has jurisdiction over the Supreme and County Court records.

Actions in Court

To commence an action in Supreme or County Court you would need to file:
  • A Summons with Notice, a Summons and Complaint, or a Petition (in a Special Proceeding)
  • An Application for an Index Number
All paperwork must comply with the Part 130 Signing Requirements.


Type of Action Fee Amount
Index number application $210
Request for judicial intervention (in duplicate) $95
File motion, crossmotion, order to show cause, or petition $45
File stipulation of settlement or voluntary discontinuance $35
Note of issue-jury (in duplicate) $95
Note of issue-non jury (in duplicate) $30
Notice of appeal $65
Jury demand (in duplicate) $65
Trial DeNovo (in duplicate) $75
Notice of pendency $35 plus $0.50 notat. fee per mort.
Certificate of dissolution $5
Certified copies (minimum) $5
Clerk's certificates $5
Exemplified copies $15 minimum
Filing separation agreement $5