County Administrator

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The Ontario County Administrator is appointed by the members of the Board of Supervisors to serve as Chief Executive Officer for the County. The County Administrator and their staff work for, and with, members of the Board of Supervisors on a multitude of issues and projects.

Annually, the County Administrator works with the Financial Management Committee to develop the operating budget for all county departments and programs, the community college, and team agencies. The County Administrator is involved in all capital projects undertaken by the County and the community college, and in the development of the annual Capital Improvement Plan, which is part of the Ontario County Budget.

The County Administrator works with the Board of Supervisors to develop and implement long-range financial strategies.

Negotiations & Operations

The County Administrator is also the chief negotiator for the County’s seven labor units and holds the position of Step 3 Grievance Officer for employee disciplinary hearings.

The County Administrator has the ultimate responsibility for the operations of the County’s departments. To that end, the County Administrator works with department heads in assessing programs and the responsibilities of their respective departments. The County Administrator also recommends appointments and re-appointments for all department heads.